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At Euromaster, because we care about great service, our customers are in good hands. The Sense of Service drives both our strategy and our daily job.

When joining Euromaster, you join a team committed to progress continuously and to provide outstanding customer care.

But you also join a European group, where the human resources policy supports your personal development.

Working at Euromaster

You are also in good hands

From your recruitment…

With Euromaster, you apply for a career and not only for a job. Your skills are important, and so are your experiences, your personality and your ambitions.

We recruit people who are outward-looking, able to show team spirit and to place the customers first.

Whether you are just starting on your career or have plenty of experience, we like to offer rewarding career, providing opportunities including job evolutions, work in different departments or even in different locations.

Diversity is important to us and is given full consideration in our recruitment.

…and throughout your career

At Euromaster you are encouraged to progress continuously, thus becoming more responsible and delivering more performance. Taking into account your ambitions, skills and experience, your manager is there to support you in your development, identifying career options with you and the best way to achieve them.

Our Human Resources Department helps you to prepare your career development plan and career path, providing you with information about missions, policies, but also advising you according to your needs. We care about our employees’ progression and achievements.

…we support you in developing your skills continuously

Joining Euromaster, you will have on-going training and development to help you carry out your job and fulfil your potential.

Your manager helps you design your Development Plan to improve professional competencies, general skills and to prepare for your next position. The development of individuals is one of the key responsibilities of a manager at Euromaster.

…and in getting a good work-life balance

At Euromaster, we are convinced that feeling good at work is essential to deliver great customer service. We are committed to provide working conditions that support all the key aspects of personal well-being – physical health, psychological balance, social fulfilment and a sense of personal achievement.

This involves:

  • enhancing the work environment and the organisation of work schedules,
  • improving communication methods,
  • exploring solutions for a better work-life balance,
  • and promoting a good quality of life for everyone. 

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