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Environmental responsibility
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Sorted. Recycled.
Re-used. Upgraded.
We make materials live longer.

Hand in hand with specialists

How can we minimise our environmental impact? This question led to a simple answer: by maximising resource efficiency. We have set up storage, collecting, elimination and recycling solutions handled by specialists in environment protection. This became our green charter.


Recycling offer them a second life

They can either be:


Burnt as replacement fuel in cement works
Ground into powder to be used in the manufacture of various surfaces
Re-used in covering operations (sports fields, motorway capping layers)


The oil is regenerated or burnt in accredited energy production establishments.

Fuel filters

The metallic part of the filter is melted down to be re-used. The plastic or paper elements are used as replacement fuel.

Cans and barrels

Plastic cans are burnt in accredited establishments. The metallic barrels are grounded.

Brake pads and brake discs

Shock absorbers, exhaust pipes and wheels

They are upgraded in metallurgy companies.


The lead is melted and used to manufacture other batteries. The acid is neutralised. The plastic is re-used to manufacture plastic parts.


All the Euromaster service centres have special waterproof and protected bins for the storage of each element. The collection and the sorting are carried out by companies specialised in recycling.

Our green charter